Dr. John B. Sheldon is the founder and principal consultant at Lunapolitics.com, a content and strategic consulting platform devoted to the political and economic future of human activity on the Moon.

Previously, I have been the founding Chairman and President of ThorGroup GmbH and publisher of SpaceWatch.Global, and have worked as the Executive Director at the George C. Marshall Institute, Washington, DC; a Senior Fellow in Security Studies (non-resident) at the Munk School for Global Affairs’ Canada Centre for Global Security Studies, University of Toronto, Canada; member of the Advisory Board of the Centre for Strategic Cyberspace + Security Science, United Kingdom; Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council in Washington, DC; and as an Associate at Cityforum Ltd., United Kingdom.

Prior to those appointments I taught and researched space and cyberspace strategic studies as a professor at the U.S. Air Force’s School of Advanced Air & Space Studies, Maxwell AFB, Alabama. I have also worked at the U.K.-based Centre for Defence and International Security Studies and the British Diplomatic Service. As well as being an internationally recognized expert on space policy, national security space, and cyberspace strategic issues, I have consulted for governments on policy and strategic matters.

I hold a B.A. (Hons.) in Politics and International Relations, and an M.A. in Security Studies, from the University of Hull, U.K. I earned my Ph.D. in Politics and International Relations from the University of Reading, U.K.

I currently live and work in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


Please contact me for any permission requests to reproduce or republish any of the content on Lunapolitics.com

E-mail: john.b.sheldon@gmail.com


  1. Hi again, as a fellow lunar enthusiast … and retired MIT Aeronautics & Astronautics (Course 16) … happy to help with some content additions to your site. Now that my girl is back in school I have extra time so I just reboosted my site (widgetblender.com) with very fast free hosting (firebase) and free static mobile friendly web site builder builder (mobrise). I have also taken up Sketchup to create nice visuals of concepts. Feel free to check them out at https://widgetblender.com.

    I won’t bother you again … take care and best of luck.

  2. Assuming you are the same John Sheldon who wrote “Space and the new struggle for civilisational supremacy” for Engleberg Ideas in 2021: Good article, particularly because it resonates with my sense (really just a paragraph, not something I have seriously developed) that the U.S. Space Force should consider noosphere defense as one of its concerns, in keeping with work I/we have done in past about the emergence of the noosphere and its implications for statecraft and strategy, as in this write-up: https://www.rand.org/pubs/perspectives/PEA237-1.html

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